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Ms. Jena Cagle
Special Education 
Academic Assist 6th and 8th grade

Proud graduate of Wayne State University.

Go Warriors!
 About Me
It became apparent to me that I was mean't to be a teacher when I was in High School. I volunteered in a mentoring program helping Middle School students. From this experience I realized that I enjoy teaching others, and I like to be needed. I have high expectations, and goals for myself. I believe that every student is capable of achieving their goals, and that students can be proficient. In five years I hope to be working on my masters, and working towards learning more strategies for teaching students with special needs.
I enjoy traveling the world, and make it a point to visit a new place every year. I have been fortunate to have traveled to various parts of Europe by chaperoning students in the Summit Academy student abroad program. From these adventures I have gained rich experiences involving different cultures, and gaining perspective about my values, education, and beliefs. 

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