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Elaina Thornton
K-5 General Music
5th Grade Beginning Band
Advanced Band
Music Appreciation
7th Grade Career Cruising
Eastern Michigan University
Bachelor's of Music Education K-12
Currently pursuing a Master's In Educational Leadership
from Concordia University - Ann Arbor
 About Me
In order to prepare students for life beyond the classroom, we must teach them how to reason, how to question, how to learn, and most importantly how to be life-long learners. Music is a wonderful tool to teach students these things. Through positive musical experiences the students will learn the importance of teamwork, the value of expression, and to solve complex problems on their own. Music is a vital ingredient in the development of a well-rounded person, and an appreciation of music enhances the quality of an individual’s life.
I have been teaching music at Summit Academy for six years. I like to motivate my students by using fun, popular songs for our Spring Concerts. 

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