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Ms. Lisa Schoen
Art 6
Studio Art (semester 1 only)
Art and Film (semester 2 only)
East Asian Arts and Culture (semester 2 only)
Michigan State
Oakland University
 About Me
Welcome to my classroom!  It's a place where every student learns to become an open-minded, caring, and creative citizen.  It's where everyone can find success--it's not about what skills you have coming in, but how much you grow while you are here.  In this classroom, there can be more than one right answer, first ideas are stepping-stones to better ideas, and mistakes are treated as learning experiences.  It's a place where everyone can feel safe to express him or herself.  Here, everyone can learn to communicate through images when words fail, to shout their mind without opening their mouths.
Welcome to my page!  I'm the proud mother of a very energetic Shiba Inu and spend a great amount of time playing and walking him.  I enjoy reading, watching movies, and keeping up my "geek" card by playing video games with friends and family.

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