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Dear Summit Academy Families,
For those of you who have been a part of the Summit family, you know that we take the safety of our students very seriously.  It is our number one priority!  The tragic events in Connecticut last year and other districts through the years have school districts throughout the country reexamining their safety plans.  At Summit Academy, we are always evaluating and improving our own safety plans to ensure the protection of our students and staff because we are a family.
We have added cameras to each entrance and a buzzer system at our front doors.  This ensures that no one enters the building without first being seen by our administrative assistants.  Historically, all of our doors have remained locked during school hours, with the exception of our main entrance near the office.  The main entrances are now locked from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm daily.
Summit Academy will continue to welcome family members at our schools because we believe we must work together to meet the needs of our students.  We also continue to encourage parent participation and volunteering, as you are an instrumental part of our program.  We have tightened-up our safety procedures to ensure your child, and all of our students and staff are provided the safest educational experience possible.  We will ask that every volunteer go through a background check through iChat which will require the completion of a form.  We aren’t in any way trying to make it difficult for anyone to volunteer, but safety must always come first for our students.
Our returning families know that we also do several practice safety activities throughout the each school year.  We practice for fire and tornadoes.  We also practice for other catastrophes with locking down the buildings.  We always work in conjunction with local authorities as well to ensure that we have their best advice.  We are so fortunate to have our Liaison officer from the Huron Police Department present on the North campuses.  He is also an excellent consultant to our Flat Rock campus staff.     
We have consulted with security experts to review our safety plans.  We will be working with consultants and our Liaison officer throughout the summer to review all of our plans once again this year.  Each Summit Academy school was recently equipped with brand new security cameras and a magnetic door buzzer security system at each entrance.  Parents and visitors are required to ring the buzzer.  The office staff will either buzz you in, or meet you at the door to allow you to enter the building.  It is mandatory that all parents and visitors first report to the office during instructional hours (8:00am – 3:00pm).
Thank you for supporting our ongoing safety efforts by participating responsibly and appropriately to our plan.
Parking Lot Safety

Keeping students safe is extremely important.  We also find that arrival and pick up times are wonderful opportunities to chat with parents.  This is all part of keeping things personal and family oriented for our students.  Of course things differ a bit at each of our schools but following are some general procedures that we follow.  In order to assure that all students are safe they arrive at school and when they leave for the day, we:
  • Station staff members in the parking lot to guide traffic, help students get in and out of cars, and to ensure that all students are safe.
  • Have staff greeters present to help students get the day started off right and to ensure that students enter the building safely.
  • Ask that parents follow the flow of traffic and move slowly through the parking lot at all times.
  • Clearly identify "walking areas” for the students so they do not unintentionally walk in the moving vehicle lanes.
  • Utilize arrival and dismissal time to communicate face-to-face with parents about important information.
  • Check identification for unfamiliar drivers to ensure that elementary school students are picked up safely.
Safety is a number one priority for our schools.  Of course, safety during arrival and dismissal is no exception and is essential.  We ask that all of our families help us to maintain a safe parking lot by following staff directions, driving slowly, and using patience during the pick up/drop off process.

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