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Summit Academy - Principal's Notes


Dear Parents and Students,


All students are being given a printed progress report every Friday.  These progress reports should be signed by a parent or guardian and returned.  If a teacher is absent on Friday, the progress report will be given out on the day when the teacher returns.  In addition to weekly printed progress reports, parents are also encouraged to log in to PowerSchool for updated grades. PLEASE ASK TO SEE YOUR CHILD’S PROGRESS REPORT AND SIGN IT WEEKLY.


Safety is our priority.  Thank you for not passing the busses when they have their "red signals” flashing.  Red flashing lights indicate that students are unloading or loading and all traffic must stop behind the busses and wait for the busses to begin moving.
















Erin Avery



(734) 789-1428
(734) 955-1712
(734) 955-1730