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Reading Month at Summit Academy

Read! Read like the fate of the world depends on it! 

Because all March long, it does. The stakes are pretty high at Summit for reading month this year. The salvation of the world hangs in the balance as older and younger classes join forces as teams based on a famous superhero to defeat their arch nemesis. 

We like to give our annual March reading month a theme at Summit Academy, and we’re calling this one, "Reading Gives Us Superpowers!” By leveraging today’s cultural obsession with superheroes (and a little friendly competition) our students become even more involved with reading just for fun! Giving them an exciting thematic framework, great books and plenty of time to read them, this program will help younger and older students find the true joy in reading for reading’s sake.   

Teams such as Spiderman®, Batman® and Wonder Woman® will earn reading points for the number of pages they read each night, completing daily reading activities, and doing short book reports. Reading logs will be counted, compiled and the winning team will be awarded a special prize for saving the world yet again from the clutches of evil.

Parents, you’ll be playing the all-important roles of sidekicks. 

Keep. Your. Kids. Reading!

Class superheroes: 

Quintana & Mazzola = Iron Man®

Kopytko & Alexandrou = Batman®

Lipinski & James = Green Lantern®

Bourdua & Naysmith = Captain America®

Slinker & Lees = Flash®

Higdon & Bodner = Storm®

Cole & Kaiser = Wonder Woman®

Flournoy & Markwort = Spiderman®

Kozicki & Koenemann = Black Widow®


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