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How Summit Creates Brighter Futures

April showers bring May flowers, or so it goes. We all know that when spring comes around, we better prepare for some serious rain. But, we also know that rain means there’s a beautiful season up ahead. At Summit Academy, we take this idea to heart in how we prepare your child to bloom for a successful, bright future.

To do this, we prioritize specific methods that we know will help your child in today’s world. We make STEAM education a priority. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. In many schools across the country, these critical topics aren’t prioritized and aren’t taught in practical ways. We employ innovative methods of making these subjects relevant to the lives of our students. We want classes like science, math or art to be fun and engaging for everyone.

We also seek to be on the cutting edge of classroom technology. With all of the different gadgets floating around today, the very idea of technology can become an overwhelming thought. At Summit Academy, we want to put these worries to rest, and put technology to work for our students. Whether we’re teaching them with interactive computer software, or having them participate in online quizzes using iPads, our goal is to capitalize on all of the amazing technology currently available. In doing this, we’re able to create a state-of-the-art learning experience tailored to your child’s success. Technology is the ever-growing language of the future, and we want our students to be prepared.

Now, we’re fully aware that some of our students had never even stepped into a Summit Academy until this year. So, to some, our unique focuses may seem new or different. Our hope is to make new and transfer students feel just as comfortable as our current students. Which is why we have a team of teachers who support new and transitioning students. We don’t want to simply pass your child through our school system, we want to create an educational environment that actually cares and helps.

Whether our students have been with us for years or only for a few days, we want them to feel at home while they’re at Summit. In making the learning process fun, implementing a variety of engaging technologies, and working with transitioning students, we hope to create a truly unique experience that will prepare your child for a bright future.

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