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A Healthy Place to Grow

We understand that each of our students is unique, excelling in different areas. But we also know that our students are here to learn. Our job is to find out where each of our students is at in their understanding of any given subject, and using that as our jumping off point to help them grow.

Individual Learning Styles

While many traditional environments might not be conducive to a student’s success, Summit Academy has a proven track record. For instance, your child may do best with more of a hands-on approach towards education, favoring visual, engaging formats over basic lectures. At the same time, another student may work best in a small group setting. Many schools may try to accommodate for this, but simply are not able to reach every student. Summit does what other schools typically cannot. We step into your child’s learning style, making sure that he or she excels in the classroom.

Social Environment

As important as the actual teaching is, we also know that the social environment of a school is key. Because of this, we pride ourselves on an encouraging teaching staff, one that wants to help their students overcome whatever challenges they may face. We also have extracurricular activities for our students. Whether your child enjoys athletics, fine arts, or both, we have many opportunities for them to engage with other students. Our goal is to promote a healthy social environment that helps our students, not hinders them.

Technological Comprehension

The world of education is constantly changing. While this can be great, it can also have its consequences. Many educators can become more concerned with technological advancement and curriculum change than your child’s actual progress. At Summit, we seek to prioritize our institutional development for the success of our students. This means that our students’ growth will be the driving factor behind how we advance as a school.

Parental Involvement

Ultimately, though, we view the parents of our students as integral to the success of our students. We want your child’s development to be something that you are actively aware of. That is why we actively work with parents, and regularly evaluate how successful we have been at ensuring that involvement. 

Whatever challenges your child may be facing, we’re here to help. We like to view each obstacle as an opportunity for growth and improvement. We’re continually developing as an institution, so that we can create a healthy place for you to be involved as your child learns.

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