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Where Every Teacher is That “One Teacher”

When you think back to that "one teacher” you had during your time in school, who was it? Was it that teacher who encouraged you to love reading? That teacher who made math exciting and science come to life? Whomever the teacher, you know the impact. That individual took notice and invested in your success.

At Summit Academy, every teacher is that "one teacher.” Our continuously and professionally developed educators are driven to see your child flourish in each area of his or her life. They have a desire to see their students succeed, and seek to engage the classroom in fresh, creative, hands-on experiences. Center-based teaching methods are a staple in each individual classroom, geared towards promoting your child’s learning in both relevant and exciting ways.

A rich, individualized classroom is not the exception at Summit Academy – it’s the norm. Our teachers strive to ensure a one-on-one, student-centered space that will allow your child to grow. One of our own educators, Carol Paul, described the Summit family best, as a place where, "students can grow as readers, thinkers, mathematicians, scientists – we’re really preparing them for the future.”

Re-enroll at Summit Academy and let your child find their "one teacher” too. 

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