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Why Re-Enroll at Summit?

Perhaps this was your child’s first year at Summit. Or maybe they’ve been a student here since kindergarten. In any case, they’ve built up an incredible amount of momentum in their education during their time here so far. Re-enrolling at Summit Academy is the best way to continue propelling them to their peak.

Re-enrolling means your child will continue learning from the most passionate teachers around. Our teachers have the freedom to teach creatively, try new methods and understand the most current teaching strategies. Every teacher takes individual learning styles into account, so that each student is able to understand the lesson at hand and apply it to the real world.

Coming back to Summit means your child will once again enjoy the benefits of our smaller class sizes. Learning centers, hands-on lessons, one-on-one time with teachers – these are considered luxuries at most schools. But at Summit, it’s just how we teach. It’s these more close-knit settings where students are able to walk away with not only an understanding of what they’ve just learned, but also an excitement to learn more.

Returning next year means that you, as a parent, will have a direct line of communication with your child’s teacher. This constant contact helps us ensure your student’s success together, as a team. With 360 degrees of support, both in school and at home, we engrain in our children that we believe in their potential and that all things are possible when learning happens wholeheartedly.

Re-enroll today to take advantage of what makes Summit Academy so unique. We look forward to seeing your child’s smiling face next year!

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