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A Little Thing Called Willingness

Part of school is developing a willingness to do what we don't feel like doing. It isn't always easy, but creating a routine and asking for help are ways to stay on track.

A routine helps with discipline in the classroom and out.
  • Organize your class papers. If you have a folder or divider for each subject, it's easier to find what you're looking for, and fend off frustration.
  • Check your planner daily. Write down due dates, and cross things off as you make progress. 
  • Dedicate time and space at home. When you can, do homework in the same place, at the same time every day. Keep supplies, like highlighters and pencils, handy. 
  • Get to class on time, or early. 
 Ask for help when you need it, doing so will keep your morale up. 
  • Ask a friend to help you out. He/she can explain the material differently, and help you understand. Sometimes hearing a different perspective may help you feel more comfortable asking questions.
  • Talk to your teacher. He/she is there to help you. Stay after class, and tell him/her what you're confused about.
  • Hold study groups with classmates. Help each other out!
  • Go to the library and/or look up your questions online. A librarian can direct you to more resources. 
  • Ask your family, too. They may be one of your biggest allies.

Focus on your successes, and do the best you can. Knowing that you've put your best foot forward will leave you feeling proud of what you've accomplished. 

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